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歡迎使用K-Smart 如果您是餐廳、酒店、辦公室 只是想尋找優質的產品,K-Smart是一個可為您提供價格合理的專業產品平台! Be K-Smart

Welcome to K-Smart! If you’re a restaurant, hotel, office, or just looking for great quality products K-Smart is a platform providing you professional products at great prices! Be K-Smart!


服務包括 Services

- 產品種類
  Product Variety

- 餐飲服務諮詢
  F&B Services advisory

- 您需要什麼設備來開餐廳?
  What equipment you do you need open a restaurant?

- 什麼產品最適合我的業務?
  What products are the best for my business?


Kampery was established in 1993 in Hong Kong; business covers manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, importing, and exporting.  The Group includes MocaromaKampery F&B Services, are specializing in coffee and tea products; Red Dot Dot and Chateau Le Cleret specialize in wine industry. Regional offices & subsidiary companies are established in China, Canada and France.

金百加於一九九三年香港成立,為一國際性食品及飲料的企業,主要從事生產、批發、零售及出入口業務。  集團旗下「樂滿家」、「金百加餐飲」及「点点红」積極投資及拓展香港、內地及海外食品巿場,主要從事咖啡、紅 茶、葡萄酒、咖啡設備等,業務遍及全球,附屬公司設於 世界各地,包括中國內地主要城市(上海、廣州、深圳等) ,加拿大 (多倫多及溫哥華) 及歐洲 (法國)。


Specializes in coffee and tea business, Mocaroma has now expanded its business in food and beverage which includes manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, importing and exporting of coffee, tea, coffee machines, etc. Mocaroma has set up subsidiaries mainly in mainland China & North America. Mocaroma provides coffee and tea products to multinational restaurant groups, and so to ensure the highest quality and food safety standards.

主要從事咖啡、紅茶、咖啡機的生產、批發及零售,樂滿家為金百加集團積極投資及拓展中國內地及海外食品市場的分公司,於主要內地 市場及北美洲設有分公司,產品銷往世界各地。並向跨國餐飲集團提供最高質量咖啡及茶產品,樂滿家對食品安全標準的監控非常重視。