DPD 2 in 1 Milk Tea (30's) 大排檔2合1奶茶 (30片裝)

DPD 2 in 1 Milk Tea (30's) 大排檔2合1奶茶 (30片裝)

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Dai Pai Dong Instant 2 in 1 Milk Tea Mix

Dai Pai Dongs are popular side walk food stalls in Hong Kong during the 50s and 60s. Rows of them resided compactly along the roadsides, serving a variety of foods. 

Dai Pai Dong Instant 2 in 1 Milk Tea Mix, made from the finest-grade instant tea and milk, ensure our customer a healthy lifestyle while experiencing the extraordinary taste of traditional Dai Pai Dong Milk Tea. 



Empty contents of one sachet into a tea cup. Pour in around 170ml boiling water and stir. (Add sugar to your own taste if needed)


Net Weight: 12g x 30sachets


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